GP, RW Schooner's Tropical Paradise
CFA SW Region 4th Best Premier 2002-2003

photo copyright by Chanan

GC, RW Schooner's Flagship
SW Region 18th Best Kitten 2002-2003
photo copyright by Chanan

GC Schooner's Gold Pirate
photo copyright by Chanan

The first cats that came to America, came from Europe on
sailing ships as mousers. Later when other breeds were
brought into this country some people wanted to preserve
the original type of cat. The American Shorthair is considered a
working cat with powerful jaws and strong hind quarters for springing.
They are quick and agile. Although today, most American Shorthair cats
have never even seen a mouse and instead are pampered beloved pets.

GC Schooner's Coral Gables
photo copyright by Chanan

GC Schooner's Light House
photo copyright by Chanan

GC Schooner's Life Guard
photo copyright by Chanan

GC Schooner's Banana Boat
photo copyright by Chanan

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